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I've been singing since I can remember, always loving it and knowing it would be a big part of my life. I've sung in various bands, duos and other projects over the years, at one point being in 7 bands at the same time! Bands I have been part of include soul band                                    and vocal trio Miss Jo. 

This was scaled right back when I started a family, and currently I sing with Trossachs-based                                     , vocal trio                                    and as part of a duo with my husband, Ian Hill. I'm always up for a new project if it feels right too! 

My preferred styles are soul and jazz, but I'm versatile! I love harmonies and backing vocals too, and can pick up a line quickly by both ear and sight reading. I also write my own songs, and enjoy collaborating with other songwriters.


You can hear examples of what I do at the links on this page.                             if you'd like to work with me! 

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