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LongNoteBuilder A 3-Day Singing Challeng

Introducing VoiceBuilders... A NEW online group singing programme! 

  • Do you (or did you once) love to sing?

  • Maybe your confidence around singing has taken a knock?

  • Maybe you feel that you can't do things you once could with your voice?

  • Maybe you feel singing is a part of you that needs to return?

  • Not sure if 1:1 lessons are for you? 

VoiceBuilders could be the answer! 

In this 8-week small group programme, I'll take you through:

  • How you can help every area of your body work together to create your instrument;

  • How to bring attention and fine-tuning to the areas that need more of it;

  • How to bring back your confidence and love of singing;

  • What to do about that pesky voice that says you shouldn't be doing this, you're not good enough, or it's a silly thing to want to do;

  • How to discover your unique style and songs to suit your voice;

  • Specific difficult areas of singing, like high notes, that annoying mid-range, long lines, belting, etc...


...and more! 

What's involved...

  • 8 group sessions on Zoom led by me (1.30-2.45pm every Thursday from 4th February-25th March 2021)

  • A facebook support group with regular check-ins;

  • Invitations to sing in front of the group as much as you feel comfortable with (if that's not at all, that's OK!); 

  • Sessions will be recorded if you can't make them all/any in person.



£147 (Can be paid in 1, 2 or 3 instalments... see below)

Ready to sign up?

                                             Pay in full: £147                                               


2 payments of £73.50 (until 31/1/21) 

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